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American Art Directory®

Since 1898, the American Art Directory®; has been identifying key characteristics for thousands of art institutions in the U.S. and Canada. This comprehensive resource provides important information on museums, art organizations, art schools, libraries, art editors and critics, scholarships, fellowships, exhibitions and state art councils. In addition, you'll find funding sources, booking agencies and much more.

This reference tool is conveniently divided into four sections:

  • Art Organizations: Profiling nearly 6,000 national and regional organizations, museums, libraries and associations in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Art Schools: Covering 2,000 institutions, complete with contact data, degree programs, scholarship programs, entrance requirements and tuition information.
  • Art Information: Consisting of five useful address directories, museums abroad, art schools abroad, state art councils, state directors and supervisors of art education, and art magazines.
  • Indexes: by Subject, Personnel and Organization.

Librarians and education professionals use the American Art Directory® to help students locate information with ease, including direction on where to find available scholarships and fellowships. Artists learn about art associations on both the national and local levels. Museum professionals locate exhibition-traveling agencies and art councils that may want to co-sponsor an event.

This industry resource is a "must have" for any library collection and a necessary tool for anyone involved in the visual arts!


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